All Details of Sonali life Insurance Company limited Step by Step

All details of sonali life insurance company limited step by step welcome to this article. Many of us have said through various means, to discuss in detail about Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited. So today I went to write about Sonali Life Insurance. Today we will talk; How does Sonali Life Insurance work? What does Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited offer? What is their safety and stability? Sonali life insurance job circular 2020, What are Sonali life insurance apps? We will also discuss Sonali life insurance ipo in detail.
Starting from August, 2013 Sonali Life Insurance established itself by setting a milestone through transparent and value addition service and thus gain the trust of policy holders. The number of agents, policy holders and well wishers are growing in a daily basis. sonali life insurance company limited Founded in 2013, Sonali Life Insurance Co. Ltd. was launched in the board room of a company formed thirty years ago. Sonali Life Insurance Co. Ltd.’s approach is important because it provides life insurance by creating the value of support for savings and financial needs. Thirty years later, the board members of Rupali Insurance Co. Ltd. have decided to protect and nurture the hopes and dreams of the Bangladeshi family. They have taken a bold and transparent initiative to create the best life insurance company in the country, while creating combinations using their own strengths and opportunities. In less than three months, Sonali Life Insurance Co. Ltd. opened more than 86 branches and service centers across the country. Where there is a paid up capital of Tk 285 million. It uses the network power of Rupali Insurance Co. Ltd., as well as promoting itself using the strategic positions of the parent company. Sonali Life Insurance Co. Ltd. aims to be the leading service provider of income solutions, investment and security plans required for financial security and retirement. With extreme transparency and customer service direction, it has implemented the country’s first fully integrated ERP system based on life insurance which has made its activities and activities easy, highly productive, efficient and affordable.

Life insurance company that does all the work

The first IT support based life insurance company where the potential policy holder could apply for life insurance policy, premium payment with money receipt, inquiries about the application and policy claim process including other policy related services from their respective home via mobile, laptop, and PC through internet connection from anywhere in the world.

2. Plan For Disaster of sonali life insurance

They offers the assurance plans and coverage with profits where you will be able to secure your future with wise investment. They also offer Child Protection assurance plan, Education Expense assurance plan, Money Back Term plan, Assurance Cum Pension and Anticipated Endowment Assurance plan etc. with profit along with specialized Denmohor Bima and Hajj Bima.

3. Flexible Benefits of sonali life insurance

sonali life insurance has several benefits. First, the company offers a variety of life insurance products, including benefits. You can choose any of them with different facilities according to your own needs. Here you can also make a profit by investing your valuable money. As well as the nominee will receive claim money including bonus in your absence. This is really a great advantage.

4. Friendly Staff of sonali life insurance

Every company needs some honest and hardworking staff. Just as a diverse and inclusive staff is important for the success of Sonali Life. Combining many more differences, such as the individual characteristics and thinking type, personality and work experience of each of the employees of Sonali Life Insurance – an integral part of who they are and how they operate as a company. You can get efficient services from their branch staff from all over Bangladesh, which will ensure effective planning for your safe future investment and risk coverage.

The sonali life insurance offers

Plan 1 : Endowment Assurance Plan With Profits

Plan 2 : Anticipated Endowment Assurance Plan – 3 Stage With Profits

Plan 3 : Anticipated Endowment Assurance Plan – 5 Stage With Profits

Plan 4 : Ordinary Insurance Plan Without Profits

Plan 5 : Money Back Term Insurance Benefit With Profit Granted

Plan 6 : Child Protection Assurance Plan with Profits

Plan 7 : Education Expense Assurance Plan with Profits

Plan 8 : Ordinary Endowment Insurance With Profits

Plan 9 : Single Premium Insurance Plan Without Profits

Plan 10 : Assurance Cum Pension Plan Without Profits

Plan 11 : Denmohar Bima With Profits

Plan 12 : Hajj Bima With Profits

Plan 13 : Monthly Savings Assurance Plan With Profit

Plan 14 : Monthly Savings Micro Insurance Plan With Profit

Sunali Life Insurance maintains all that security and stability

We have analyzed and found that your investment in Sonali Life Insurance is completely safe. To ensure transparency, the company has launched a web-based premium payment and receipt collection facility. Policyholders can get information about his policy and pay premium by registering on Sonali Lilf Insurance website. Policyholders can also download receipts via email, confirmation message and website. Below are some of their other protective functions:


Your investment in Sonali Life is completely safe. Sonali Life provides access to all your data verification to ensure transparency.


They offer various attractive Islamic life insurance plans such as single premium insurance plan without profit, child protection guarantee plan with profit, education cost guarantee plan with profit, Hajj insurance with profit and Denmohar insurance with profit etc. They ensure investment under the supervision of government board. 

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They is a reliable company to get more profit from your valuable investment. They offer products that guarantee bonuses.


Their only goal is to gain the trust of our policy. They have the vision to be the pioneers of the life insurance industry in Bangladesh by ensuring transparency in our activities.

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Sonali life insurance ipo

IPO of Sonali Life Insurance approved. Their has issued 7 IPOs. Sonali Life Insurance Company shared its first IPO on March 4, 2019. So far, Sonali Life Insurance Company has a Net Asset Valuation of TK 25.47 per share. Life Fund of Sonali Life stands at TK 953.5 Million.  The 19 million shares will be floated at face value of TK 10 in future.  The number of IPO applications for Sonali Life Insurance Company has dropped drastically in the newly introduced pro rata basis allotment. But the overall subscription in terms of amount was oversubscribed significantly.

Sonali life insurance job circular 2020

 click here to go the job circuler of sonali life insurance

Sonali life insurance apps

sonali life insurance app for Sonali Life – Policy Holders
  • Download app
  • sonali life insurance app for Sonali Life – Agents Also fcebook group of sonali life insurance company limited Linkedin of sonali life insurance company limited
    Lastly So, friends, this is today’s article of our Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited. In this article we have learned about Sonali Life Insurance LTD. I have shared everything I know and analyze here. If you think there was a need to write more on any other topic here. But let us know in a comment. Stay well, stay healthy and stay home.

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