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My Bangla Tips: Hello friends, thank you very much for your interest in my Bangla Tips blog. I am Ashikur Rahman. A professional digital marketer and blog lover.

I like to write blogs which is why I have been involved with blogging for a long time. After a lot of effort, I actively started this blog about earning. We can say with a challenge that you will always find new tips on technology in our blog, which you may not find in any other Bengali blog. In particular, income from online, income from off-line, increasing the popularity of blogging, you will find solutions to many complex problems related to computers here. So the main goal of this blog is to highlight good quality blogging design, blogging search engine optimization, and various new topics related to technology. A

Ashikur Rahman

About me: I am Ashikur Rahman. An engineering student by profession. I am currently living in Dhaka City. I like to read blogs and write articles. In my spare time, I write various topics on the blog and share them online. I was born in a middle-class Muslim family on 19 Dec 1995, in Terokhada Upazila under Khulna district. As a child, I studied at Terokhada from secondary, I was staying in Khulna district town. I always like to learn something new and teach others.

In my spare time, I had a good experience with computers, the internet, and blogging. I have an experience in computer hardware, software, graphics design, wave programming, blogging, and internet marketing. The thing I like about computers is digital marketing. You can also call me a good digital marketer for that. With these, I always try my best to keep my blog in a good position.

Future plans of this blog: I am making every effort to take the “My Bangla Tips” blog to a good and educational platform. My main objective will be to create a good quality blogging site by sharing new articles related to computers, blogging, income from the internet, business ideas, and all the problems and technology of the internet world. I always refrain from giving wrong information to anyone through my posts or wasting time unnecessarily. I hope that with your sincere support and advice, I will be able to take the blog to a better position in the future, InshaAllah.

If you have any comments about my post, you can contact me.

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